Reidemeister Moves

by Whetzel



This is the first single from the forthcoming album Beatology. Volume 1. by Whetzel. The full album of 9 tracks will be available in October 2016.

Composed, performed, produced, recorded, and mixed by James Whetzel.

Mastered by Emch at Subatomic Sound

Art by Hothead Unlimited


What are Reidemeister Moves?

"In the mathematical area of knot theory, a Reidemeister move is any of three local moves on a link diagram. Reidemeister (1927) and, independently, Alexander & Briggs (1926), demonstrated that two knot diagrams belonging to the same knot, up to planar isotopy, can be related by a sequence of the three Reidemeister moves.

Each move operates on a small region of the diagram and is one of three types:

I. Twist and untwist in either direction.
II. Move one loop completely over another.
III. Move a string completely over or under a crossing.

No other part of the diagram is involved in the picture of a move, and a planar isotopy may distort the picture. The numbering for the types of moves corresponds to how many strands are involved, e.g. a type II move operates on two strands of the diagram.

One important context in which the Reidemeister moves appear is in defining knot invariants. By demonstrating a property of a knot diagram which is not changed when we apply any of the Reidemeister moves, an invariant is defined. Many important invariants can be defined in this way, including the Jones polynomial.

The type I move is the only move that affects the writhe of the diagram. The type III move is the only one which does not change the crossing number of the diagram."


released August 13, 2016



all rights reserved


James Whetzel Seattle, Washington

Innovative sarod player, palm wine guitarist, beat maker, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, part-time throat singer, composer, producer, recording engineer, teacher.

DJ for the International Fountain at Seattle Center. Part of Mean Deep with Deepayan Acharjya AKA Shree Dee. Part of Das Dhoom with Shree Dee & Sebastian Lange. Guitarist for palm wine group Who Is John Smith with Yaw Amponsah
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