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In the next twelve months I plan to release four albums. I've set up this subscription service so you can support my music, and make sure you get all my new releases. Over the next twelve months for the cost of 36 dollars—only 3 bucks a month—you'll receive 41 new tracks. You'll get them before anyone else, and you will get tracks from the albums before the albums appear on Bandcamp and other sites such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

The first album is "Beatology. Volume 1." This is an instrumental release that explores 31 variations on a funk beat. It's the follow up to my "Man With a Movie Camera" soundtrack album, and it employs a similarly diverse palette of sounds. It features sarod, guitar, accordion, mandolin, analog & digital synthesizers, and a wide variety of acoustic & electronic drums and percussion. There will be 9 tracks on "Beatology. Volume 1." The first track "Reidemeister Moves" will be made public August. 13th "Reidemeister Moves,"plus the next two tracks on the album will be available for subscribers as of August 13th. Three more tracks will be made available to subscribers in September, and the final three will be made available to subscribers in October. The complete album will be released to the public in October.

The second album I will release in the next twelve months is "Slow Waves." This album is a supremely cool chill-out album. It's good music for de-stressing, meditating, doing tai chi, yoga, or simply chilling. I started to make the album when my wife was having a particularly stressful time at work. She needed some good music to help her decompress from the stress, and thus "Slow Waves" was born. There will be six tracks on the album. Several are at the cryogenically chill tempos of 4 beats per minute, 6 beats per minute, and 8 beats per minute. No track is faster than 60 beats per minute. Three tracks from Slow Waves will be made available for subscribers in October, and three more will be made available to subscribers only in November. The album will be released publicly in November.

The third album I will release in the next twelve months is "Instrumental Palm Wine Music" by Who Is John Smith. This album will be sixteen tracks of live acoustic palm wine guitar music. It was recorded live July 21st at Egg Studios with Conrad Uno. Yaw Amponsah is on rumba box and hand percussion, Greg Campbell is on bells, shaker and rattles, with yours truly, James Whetzel, is on guitar. The album features new instrumental versions of ten songs from the Who Is John Smith album "Go To Fly" as well as six completely new instrumental palm wine tunes. Four tracks per month will be released to subscribers only from November 2016 - February 2017. The entire album will be released to the public in February 2017.

The fourth album I will release in the next twelve months is the new album by James_Yas. This is a collaboration between myself and Parisian poet/rapper Yas. She and I previously worked together on the Mean Deep track "Goodabbad (les ecolos)," and on the DJ Baba James track "Abbad Superstar." The album will have ten tracks of Yas rapping and singing in French and English over ten of my nicest new beats. Three of the beats are adaptations of tracks from the "Man With a Movie Camera" soundtrack. One is an adaptation of a beat from "My Road to Somewhere: Sarod & Beat." Another beat is based on a traditional palm wine guitar music piece, and five of the beats are completely new original pieces of music. The new album by James_Yas will be released to subscribers only January 2017-March 2017. The album will be made available to the public in March 2017.

Thank you for your support of my music!

James Whetzel
August 13, 2016

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James Whetzel
Seattle, Washington
Innovative sarod player, palm wine guitarist, beat maker, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, part-time throat singer, composer, producer, recording engineer, teacher.

DJ for the International Fountain at Seattle Center. Part of Mean Deep with Deepayan Acharjya AKA Shree Dee. Part of Das Dhoom with Shree Dee & Sebastian Lange. Guitarist for palm wine group Who Is John Smith with Yaw Amponsah

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